Thursday, October 9, 2014

Do You Want To Help Build the First Nuclear-Powered Airplane?

Then Pratt & Whitney wants you!   Or did, sixty years ago.

I ran across these while skimming old Newsweeks.   Unfortunately, doesn't look like they need mathematicians.   Also, I think the job might have been filled by now.

Image Sources:
Top: Newsweek, Feb. 28 1955.
Middle: Newsweek, Jan. 31 1955.
Bottom Left: Newsweek, Oct. 25 1954.
Bottom Right: Newsweek, Sept. 20 1954.

Copyright Note: No copyright notice was found on these images, so I believe they are in the public domain.   If you are the rights-holder or their agent you can contact me at MarkAtAtomicSkies -at- GMail -dot- com.

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